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My anger issue caused my mother endless prayers for 15 years – Popular actor, Keppy opens up

Keppy Ekpenyong

Popular Nollywood actor, Keppy Ekpenyong, has opened up on how his mother had endless prayers for 15 years over his anger issues.

The bald actor who is known to be bubbly and down to earth in an interview with Punch made the shocking revelation.

According to him, his rage was so bad that it took his mother 15 years to pray him out of the situation.

 “I know that for about fifteen years, my mother’s prayers when we made New Year resolution was that, ‘I pray that Keppy manages his temper more.’ So, I began to learn from the very first years and I started to control my temper. I want to present myself as a very happy person, even when I am not happy. It is a deliberate attempt; it started out being deliberate, but now, it is a part of me.

“My temper was very bad at the time; it was vicious. Now, it is in the past and it is safer as it is in the past. I had friends who used to tell me, ‘Keppy manage your temper; do not lose your temper. Nobody wants it.’ So I grew through that era.”

He also revealed that his role as a father helped him curb the attitude and aided him in becoming a better person

“What encouraged me was when I became a father. I began to tolerate more things that I ordinarily would not have. Tolerance is a hallmark of maturity and growing up,” he said.

Keppy Epenyong received a commendation award from the Actors Guild of Nigeria in 2018 for his contributions to Nollywood. The inscription on the award plaque reads “In recognition of your excellent service, dedication and commitment to the development of the Nigerian Movie Industry”

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