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Eedris Abdulkareem VS Festus Keyamo feud: Twitter takes down Keyamo’s tweet, may suspend him

Eedris Abdulkareem and festus keyamo

Microblogging platform, Twitter has struck down tweets in which Festus Keyamo shared private messages and the telephone number of veteran NIgerian singer, Eedris Abdulkareem.

Eedris Abdulkareem and Festus Keyamo have been on each other’s neck since early hours of Sunday, April 25.

The junior labour minister had said Eedris embarrassed him in his new song after he had already begged him unsuccessfully for financial support.

The minister then shared private conversations he had with the artist three years ago as evidence of his claim that he was hustled for money, drawing widespread condemnation.

Privacy rights advocates also condemned the minister for his unethical conduct, saying his action could subject the musician to harassment. Mr Keyamo, as a senior Nigerian lawyer, was also condemned as knowing better than to share private chats with personal information.

The minister may also be suspended for failing to take down the tweets by himself despite repeated pleas to do so from Nigerians, forcing Twitter content managers to take the action by themselves.

The singer had released a song titled “Jagajaga Reloaded” with a line that goes: “Where Festus Keyamo sef? He don dey chop with cabal o.”

Responding, Minister of State, Labour & Employment, Festus Keyamo, accused singer Eedris Abdulkareem of attempting to blackmail him.

Keyamo released chats where Eedris had reached out to him, asking to release a pro-Buhari song. When his request was denied, he decided to release a song, disparaging Festus Keyamo and the Buhari-led administration. 
Festus called the singer and others like him “activists-by-day-and-hustlers-at-night.”

Reacting to the allegation, Eedris accused Keyamo of turning his back on him in his time of need despite being there for him.

He went on to ask if anything he said in “Jagajaga Reloaded” is a lie.

Eedris wrote: 

Eedris AbdulKareem slams Buhari over young man's death

Did Festus Keyamo join the cabal or not? When he was in prison, I stood by him, I fought Obasanjo on behalf of all the comrades in prison, I released Jagajaga. When my mother was dying, I reached out to a brother, or one I thought was a brother and a comrade. Could he have helped, yes, did he help, NO…such was the wickedness of his heart that he munched and kept personal details for three years…real Hallmark of a Blackmailer!
In 2018, I still thought the man was a comrade. Thought he could effect change in the government he served. Then he joined the cabal, he became inner caucus and held the steering wheel spiralling Nigeria into doom. He joined to crush the revolution of the youths, he joined the cabal. The cabal which mowed down our youths at LEKKI TOLL GATE.
With a vexed spirit, I went again to the studio for “Jagajaga Reloaded” and the Blackmailer went to town. The cabal is awoken. The cabal is hit. The cabal is in pain. The cabal is failing. The cabal will FALL.
The Blackmailer said I recorded a song for Buhari. The said song is titled : “Obasanjo Write Buhari Letter”. Here is the link to that song, listen and you will phantom the deviousness and dubiousness of the evil SAN (Senior Advocate Blackmailer of Nigeria) called Festus Keyamo.

Issues raised on Jagajaga Reloaded are facts. Nigeria never had it so bad. The Jagajaga has taken a gargantuan dimension. We must keep asking questions. We must ask the cabal questions.Festus Keyamo don join the cabal. He is in pains because his next ambition is to be governor of Delta State. Perhaps to localise grand looting, terrorism, murdering and raping of our citizens, kidnapping, which his cabal have romanticised and packaged as banditry, and sundry other mis-governance. This is why Jagajaga ti get e!
Festus Keyamo na cabal.

Why Buhari Can’t Increase Policemen Salaries - Festus Keyamo reveals
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