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Reno Omokri chides an ignorant who confused his baby for a teddy bear

Former presidential aide Reno Omokiri has rebuked an Instagram follower who confused his baby for a teddy bear.

Reno had shared a photo of himself carrying his child with a baby carrier while wearing teddy wear.

An Instagram user identified as alexchuksofficial, while reacting to the photo, questioned why a full-grown man would be carrying a teddy.

Alex chuks wrote: The question is how do people see full grown men dressed like this carrying teddy? Just asking for a friend who is not on Instagram.

Responding, Reno Omokiri chided the follower as he blamed his poverty mentality and upbringing where wrappers are only used to carry a baby.

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renoomokri Dear @alexchuksofficial, very few things on Earth are as dangerous as ignorance that thinks itself wise. Well, I can hardly blame you. Maybe you were seen as a ‘pikin’ by your parents, and was never seen as a child. Sadly, all that was used to carry your like was ‘wrapper’. That is why you confuse a baby for a teddy bear. People like you are the reason I hate poverty more than #COVID19. Poverty, especially poverty of the mind, is very evil.

In any case, it is said that a fool is a person that does not know, and does not know that he does not know, and instead of curing his ignorance, he wants to teach those that know. May you never be a fool in Christ’s Name!

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