If your p*nis is not responsible for your success then my v*gina is not a certificate for mine – Toyin Lawani

Celebrity stylist Toyin Lawani celebrates her birthday today and has taken to her Instagram page to speak about some gender deficit in society.

In a lengthy post shared on her Instagram page, Toyin Lawani disclosed certain things she has decided not to pay attention to because society worries so much about them.

According to the fashion goddess, unlike men, many people believe a woman cannot afford a particular lifestyle genuinely or attain a certain height from dedication and hard work.

Toyin Lawan further said that If man’s penis is not responsible for his success, her vagina is not a success certificate.

Toyin Lawani wrote: LOOK12–Gender credibility deficit ,
They’re things I Don’t worry myself about because the society does all of the worrying,
Like they believe a woman can’t afford certain lifestyle genuinely or attain certain height from dedication and hard work,
If your penis is not responsible for your success then my vagina is not a certificate for mine ,it takes two to tangle (lol) I show women they can do more daily , not a motivational speaker , I show you real life content when I’m doing my various jobs, some men cant even do what I do daily ,but they like to give commands ,cause they feel women are their toys to bore children and serve them ,
In a world ruled by men that set limits to the female on what, where & how. Would that be a topic to worry about? Yeah I said the society does all of the worrying.
I stand to rule without limitation or boundaries
Someone once said its a men world ruled by women (chuckle). I still don’t worry about whose world it is or who rules.
Im not held back by what the society worries, I’m a woman who have paid my dues 👑
who works tirelessly day& night legitimately to feed my kids & people who depend on me,
Im a woman who work daily on my Various goals& I don’t let society stop me with their believes,

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Im an independent woman who pays her bills and wears her hat high.
They’re few things I don’t worry myself about because the society does all the worrying.
I have a daughter and I have a son
They breathe same oxygen, eat alike and and attain alike and ill not set boundaries on where she can get to in life or where he can get to in life because gender is not a measure of success or height.
We can’t be enslaved because of our gender
No we can not. But then they’re few things I worry myself about because the society does all of the worrying.
Yet men want to Rule women , Enslave us , categorize us and limit us to the kitchen ,
This is a new world women are Ruling , take it or leave it I’m The King of all Queens , I have Built my world and I am ruling it and it’s worth it 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

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