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‘I want tall, dark and handsome guy’ – Actress Mercy

mercy macjoe

Nollywood star, Mercy Macjoe had the passion for acting from childhood has revealed what she expects from a man who would be her life time partner.

“I like mature guys. I feel that maturity has a lot to do with the mind and intelligence. A lot of people say they want tall, dark and handsome guys. Of course, I also want a tall, dark and handsome guy, but it all depends on how the person treats me. I would definitely say rich and mature,” she told The Sun in a recent interview.

On the craziest thing a fan has done to her, Mercy MacJoe said, “I was doing a live video and then somebody commented that I came across as an aggressive woman because of the kind of roles I play in movies. Then somebody said it’s a lie. The other person was so furious and was arguing with so much anger, and I was like ‘are you people arguing about who I am or what?’ I don’t understand, but it bothers me till today.”

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Wondering what celebrity status has denied the beautiful actress, she says, “In the US, I can walk on the street and do anything I want, but here in Nigeria I’m restricted from doing a lot of things, and it puts so much pressure on me. Since you are a public figure and you appear on TV, the fans expect that you do certain things in certain ways, that’s the aspect I don’t like, because I don’t like pressure. I’m not a person to follow the rules.”

She recalls her most embarrassing moment, “Two years after I started acting in 2011, I had not bought a car; I was still moving around in public transport. So, one day, I was in a bus and the conductor said, ‘somebody has paid for you’. I turned and looked around, but I couldn’t recognise anybody in the bus. When I got down, a woman also came down and said: ‘I love you so much, I’ve watched your movies’. It was very embarrassing. I lied and said it wasn’t me, but my voice gave me away. She was so sure that it was me because I have a voice that I can’t deny. You know, once people see you on TV, they think you are super rich. But there I was in a (commercial) bus.”

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