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That’s how molestation starts – Nigerians warn Etinosa as she shares video of her daughter and granddad

Etinosa Idemudia daughter

Nigerian actress and comedienne, Etinosa Idemudia who recently welcomed a child has taken to social media to share an adorable video of her daughter trying to suck the breasts of her grandad.

However, the video which looked adorable didn’t go down well with some Nigerians, most especially, the females as many called her out for trying to enable molestation.

Watch the video below:

Reacting to the video, one Phil Best wrote, “I can understand been grandad. Why topless carrying a grand child . Baby girl for that matter . To me not funny”

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One Janet Raymond wrote, “This is not funny . U r stressing this baby. Hope the granddad wont get aroused over wat am seeing . I know d evil that has been going on recently btw grandad and grandad dota”

Another Internet user, Emokpo Hope wrote, “Protect your baby and stop laughing… na so child molesting take dae start oo it’s usually from a family members, like uncles, cousins and grandfather.”

One Shiba Orchids wrote, “That’s how sexual molestation of a little girl child starts. That’s why we hear that a 3yrs old infant was sexually molested by a 70yrs old man this is how it starts. SMh.”

However, some other internet users felt there was nothing wrong with it. See their own reactions below:

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“Some people are here commenting rubbish, what’s the big deal now? Can’t a baby play with grandpa anymore? Abeg make una get out joor”

One Akiba wrote, “Nigeria such a damn country, na everything una they read meaning to. Na wa.”

One Prince Bukan wrote, “People have problem with everything in this life. Baby having good time with grandpa and you people are here commenting negative things. Tufiakwa unu”

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