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Tunde Edunt makes another grand entry back to Instagram, finally accepts he is a blogger

Nigerian singer cum blogger, Tunde Ednut has made a grand entry back to Instagram a few hours after his account was deactivated for the umpteenth time.

According to the controversial blogger, he is the king and he is a very popular one at that.

He however used the oppourtunity to announce that he is a blogger and he has come to rule.

Taking to Instagram to announce his come back, Tunde wrote;

“BLOGGERS! IYA YIN… UNA MAMA… Do you know why I’m called the king? Ask yourselves. I made most of you blogs popular. You all blogs have paid me, except Instablog to be big. I posted you and you are hating on me, When I did extra posts for most of you for free? Why? I came back after the second time and got 1 million followers in 2 days. How many of una do am? Noooooooo, let’s be realistic.

How many don get 2 million in 2 days? Why hate me meeeeeeen? Common men. We are in this together, your pages can be deleted at any time too. STOP THE HATE MEN. ALWAYS SHOW LOVE TO PEOPLE. This is why I am still “YOUR KING” and I am called @MUFASATUNDEEDNUT THE KING… STOP IT. Always show love. Make people happy that’s the motor of all of us on this page, “SHOW LOVE”. Make people happy. We don’t hate here. God bless TeamTundeEdnut!!! @mufasatundeednut”

Source: kemifilani.ng

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