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Ronke Oshodi-Oke reveals how she went from 110kg to 87kg in few months

Popular Yoruba actress, Ibironke Ojo- Anthony, better known as Ronke Oshodi-Oke, had set the internet on fire few days ago when she posted her recent photos.

The photos of her looking quite slim made rounds online and got tongues wagging, some insinuating that she must be suffering from one ailment or the other.

However, in an interview with Saturday Beats, the actress cleared the air.

 She said, “I am 100 per cent fine and okay. But, I am on a weight loss journey for certain reasons. I would soon be 50 years old and I feel this is the appropriate time to lose weight. By the time, I am getting close to 60, I would continue adding weight. I had wanted to lose weight for a very long time. I had taken several weight loss pills, teas and different products that help to shed weight but it didn’t work for me. I tried those for more than five years. Then, one day, I saw a product that works for me, and I grabbed the opportunity.  When I started my weight loss journey, I weighed 110kg. Now, I am 87kg. My goal is 85kg. Once I get there, I would stop.”

“As a matter of fact, I weighed 82kg in December but a lot of people complained that I was getting too thin, so I tried to fatten myself. That is why I am now 87kg. Some years back, my doctor in the United Kingdom told me that my weight was more than my height and when I returned to Nigeria, my doctor here confirmed it. I tried to exercise for one month. I was losing weight but with my job schedule, I could not cope with the exercise regimes. It is not easy to religiously exercise, especially since I had not always been a fitness-oriented person. Exercise is excellent if one can be dedicated. I admire actress, Kate Henshaw, in that regard.”

Ronke added, “I have never been pressured to lose weight. My mum is also complaining about my weight loss but it is a personal decision. I have always been on the big side and losing weight has nothing to do with my job”

“Being chubby is fine but being too fat is not good. It is not advisable for one to be big when one is over 45 years old. Some sicknesses may start disturbing one later in life, though that does not exclude slim women in that age bracket.  If one is big, one has to be careful with one’s weight. I know that I may gain more weight when I am older but if I control it early, it would be relatively be easier for me then. Now that I am still active, I should be deliberate about my weight, rather than when I am not active anymore. I am just planning for my future.”

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