I didn’t tell anyone I’ll remain in PDP forever and I have not defected to APC – Fani-Kayode

Nigerian former Aviation Minister Femi Fani-Kayode said he has never told anyone and has not committed to remaining in the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, forever.

He further insists that he has not told anyone he’s joining the All Progressive Party, APC.

Reacting to the speculations that he’s dumping PDP to join APC, Fani said those bearing the rumor “need mental health checks and medical attention!”

The PDP chieftain was surprised that some people said that he wouldn’t be welcomed in APC when he has “not publicly expressed a desire to join.”

“The joker that claimed the APC rejected me needs to tell me where and when I applied to join them and what my registration number was!” He said.

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“Did I tell you I am leaving PDP for APC? Or did I tell anyone that I will stay in PDP forever no matter what happens or no matter what they do to me or the country?”

Speaking further, Fani said everyone would be clear and be in the known when he finally decides to move. Enjoying critics to keep calm, he said, “hold your hate fire till we get to that bridge.”

“Yet know this: I owe no-one any explanation for what I will do or will not do tomorrow, I will gladly live with the consequences of my actions,” he added.

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