This story of a single mother-of-four who passed her Bar exams will inspire you

Mother jubilate

A happy daughter has taken to social media to jubilate and celebrate her mother who passed her bar exams 10 years later.

The girl Naeche, who took to popular micro blogging platform, twitter, to share video of her mother jubilating revealed that her mom, a single mother of 4, passed the exams.

She wrote: “my mom finished law school in 2011 and has been studying for the california BAR exam while raising 4 kids & working full time for the past 10 years. today? SHE PASSED THE BAR!!”

Watch the heart warming video below:

A follower commented; “Yoo was that your grandfathers portrait? That was odee touching, congratulations to her”

She then replied; “YES! she promised her dad she’d be a lawyer before he died…. and she said she’d never give up because she promised him”



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