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Sosoliso crash survivor, Kechi shares amazing weight loss transformation, reveals how she achieved it

Kechi Okwuchi amazing weight loss transformation

Sosoliso airplane crash victim and America’s Got Talent finalist, Kechi Okwuchi has taken to social media to share her amazing weight loss transformation.

Kechi Okwuchi took to her Instagram page to share lovely photos of herself when she was slightly overweight and after she has shred some weight. She also revealed how she was able to achieve such a milestone with her weight.

She wrote:

“Am VERRRY nervous posting this but my mom encouraged me and told me it was ok.
So I’ve been contemplating for a whiiile about posting these before/after pics cause 1, the difference isn’t super dramatic or anything and 2, y’all know; the Kechi on the left was as happy and body confident as ever ☺️buuut she also had the worst eating habits. I’m talking 3 plates of pasta at 2am and wondering why she’d wake up so bloated no regrets though! Cause I won’t lie, I’ve had a lot of fun with food lmao I still do, y’all know. I just don’t eat as much anymore.
This has been a very, very gradual process for me. I’ve never attempted losing weight or working out with proper goals in my life cause I’m lazy and also the process of weight loss has always looked unappealing to me. But my friends told me I didn’t have to TOTALLY give up the junk I love (my biggest fear ), I just had to reduce how much I ate at a time and do the same for regular food. And get more active (ugh). I’m pretty proud of my progress my friends and family are too. They’ve been super encouraging and patiently guiding me, and my mom is my biggest champion. It’s been 2 years since I started taking my health seriously and I think I’ve managed to make this a lifestyle. I’ve lost a little over 35 lbs and most importantly, what I’ve lost, I’ve kept off. I just wanted to share with you guy”

See photos below;

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