Osun Government set to destroy secret bridge constructed by unknown persons in a forest

Osun Forest bridge
Osun Forest bridge

The Osun state Government is set to destroy a secret bridge constructed by unkown persons in a forest in the state.

The bridge was reportedly built across Oluwo river to link Omo Forest in Area J4 to a village in Ondo State.

The Ogun state government referred to the construction of the bridge as “illegal” and asked for it to be demolished.

The bridge is suspected to have been constraints by illegal loggers, who have been engaging in illegal felling of trees.

On Saturday, Jan 9, the state Commissioner for Forestry, Hon. Tunji Akinosi led a monitoring team to Laagan village where he saw the 50-metre long bridge.

In a statement, the Information Officer of the Ministry, Soji Solarin, stated that the Commissioner ordered that the bridge, which is almost completed, be destroyed within two weeks.

According to Akinosi, those constructing the bridge were doing so to easily transport stolen state’s forest resources by illegal loggers and have them taken away to neighbouring states.

He disclosed that some unscrupulous elements are behind the illegal bridge, saying it must have gulped about N15 million to N20 million.

He threatened to arrest and prosecute settlers keeping illegal arms to perpetrate crimes in the area.

“Armed soldiers would remain part of the frequent monitoring exercises in order to prevent banditry which is becoming prevalent nationwide,” he said.

However, Nigerians took to social media to react to the news. They begged the government not to destroy the bridge but make good use of it. See some reactions below:
“No need to destroy the bridge , just convert it to serve your people and if you doubt it is for evil transactions, you can have uniform men to have a little office their to check daily movement. Please no need to destroy at all. God bless Nigeria”

“They want to destroy the bridge so that they can rebuild it again …only this time it will cost 26374848748373 billion naira”

“A private citizen took the initiative if the government wouldn’t? Isn’t that what should be encouraged? And why is the government jealous?😅😅😅😅😅😅”

“They won’t build any for the people, they won’t allow people build for themselves. I don’t even believe these allegations of transporting whatever. Use the forest resources to develop the land for the people then.”

“But why they should allow people do things in peace if they are called up on to do that they will refuse”

“Illegality everywhere. Can the bridge possibly serve that community and the illegal activities put in check”

“Hmmmm what will it cost them to take permission before constructing a whole bridge in the town.”

“This is a statement of a lazy government bridges is something that facilitate ease of movement and brings development to places it linked the economic benefits of that bridge far outways the government excuse of demolishing it they could have just put a security to monitor the movement on the bridge or are you going to demolish 3rd mainland bridge because criminals also use it why are we so foolish in these country Nigeeria can never never work with illiterate as leader in almost all region”

Source: kemifilani.ng


  1. It is better not to destroy it,as log as it is upto standerd.In otherwords,its abliss to the communities.Take strong security measures only against hoodlums.It’s not shame but a pride.please for godsake do not destroy it.


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