Nigerians drag singer, Simi after she did this to an upcoming artist


Nigerians have taken to social media to drag singer, Simi for refusing to acknowledge a painting gift given to her by an upcoming artist.

This came after an artist identified as Benjamin Ekott drew the singer tagging her to the painting. However, Simi insisted the painting wasn’t her and refused to accept the painting. Since then, social media has been buzzing as many fans who were displeased by her actions stormed her page to call her out.

Read the exchange below;

Benjamin Ekott wrote;” @Symply Simi A beautiful and fantastic new year to you, friends and family.”

Simi replied; ”Who is this oh? It wasn’t me”

Morakinyoldris reacte to Simi comment with;”A least a thank you would do better stop using your comment to discourage the artist. I just dey balme artists way dey wast their time dey draw celebrities. @EkottBenjamin Na man u be.. Keep it up”

Simi replied; ”If someone calls your phone and asks for Mutius and you’re not Mutiu, will you tell them its wrong number.”

See reactions below;

@yeshua_myguide1 wrote;The pic looks better than her

@its.giftie wrote;”The person tried abeg.The reply was too rude. At least acknowledge the art”

@noggra_wrote; ”The portrait fine pass the real person na why she shock”

@iamdanielbigguy wrote; ”That person is right, atleast say thank you. Don’t you think your comment will hurt the artist”

@ademi_ade wrote; ”This one is simbi not sim”

@blessingdennis123 wrote;”Simi has been doing too much lately.. Madam be calming down jor”

@iam.zunna wrote; ”Haa simi na savage💯”

@mo_eftee wrote; ”Wahala!!! SymplySimi Vs SymplyBecause” 😂

@ama_kass wrote; ”The drawing even fine pass her”

thisthateverythingcanadawrote;The portrait is nice but that’s not SIMI

@deevaofficial wrote What’s there to appreciate when the artist can’t draw?



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