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Laura Ikeji calls out popular pharmacy after they did this to her

Laura Ikeji calls out by dow pharmacy

Popular Influencer and YouTuber, Laura Ikeji, has taken to social media to call out popular Lagos pharmacy, “By Dow Pharmacy”.

According to her, the goods she bought from them was already opened and after she returned it, they refused to refund or give her another one.

Laura Ikeji shared photos and wrote:

“Hey guys, I never do this but pls pls if u have to buy anything from this pharmacy, @bydowpharmacy pls pls check and make sure they re not open before u buy them. They don’t do returns or refunds. Bought this for my kids and it was already opened and I returned but they refused to refund or exchange. So hey be careful out there, what a store. This is on onikoyi road close to banana island gate.”

Reacting to her post, popular Media personality, Latasha Ngwube wrote: “This is one of the biggest peeves I have with Nigeria. Customer Service/ relations. There is ALWAYS a better way to resolve these things than the way most(I said it, most) businesses, big or small, deal with the situation. Sorry about that hun. I’d say try Mopheth but the one in my neighborhood has started slacking.”

Another follower commented; “I had sane experience at a pharmacy in Allen. The drugs had a broken seal and was very Rusty. I bought it in a hurry and didn’t suspect anything. They refused to refund or exchange. I angrily dropped the drugs on their counter and left. SMH😢”

Another commented; “This is one of the most pharmacy policy am a nurse and I have work with a lot of pharmacy the thing here is for you to check it before going out so sorry dear”

Another one wrote; “To be honest, sometimes when you press down the cover of these supplements to open up for the first time, it can break the seal thus making the product look like it had been opened previously…I work in a Pharmacy and I’ve seen this happen severally.”

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Charly Boy exposes gender who cheats more with concrete evidence

Charly Boy

Controversial Nigerian singer and activist, Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, better known as Charly Boy has taken to social media to reveal that women lead in the cheating game than men

According to Charly Boy who asserted that despite the narrative of men being polygamous in nature, and inherently cheats, they have never given the wrong child to women, unlike the women who have done this in countless of times.

Read his post below;

''As bad as they say men are we , we have never given the wrong child to any woman.
It’s a lie oooo, no let ur friends deceive you ooooooooo.
What a man can do, a woman can do better.
Infidelity is heart-wrenching. Being cheated by someone you love can be devastating.

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