Side chic wahala: How singer Rema warned Dangote but he didn’t listen


Nigerians on popular social network, Twitter have joined different dots together to form a line explaining how Rema had previously warned Africa’s richest man, Dangote.

As at January 1st, stories about Dangote and a particular lady said to be his side chick trended on the Nigerian media space.

The lady had taken to social media to call out Dangote explaining that the billionaire broke her heart into pieces.

Just yesterday, another lady popped up dragging the first lady who called out Dangote letting her know the man has no regards for her. She went on to post a photo of Dangote to definitely prove she has a thin with him.

Nigerians have however made fun of all these brouhaha to explain how singer, Rema had warned Dangote before this.

They did this by outlining some lyrics of one of Rema’s hit songs, “Woman.”

The lyrics reads thus:

“Enter the room give me your phone
Make them no go see me for blog”

Check out some tweets below:



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