Dele Bandele found dead hours after been declared missing…with suicide note


Digital Strategist Ayodele Bandele has been found dead, hours after being declared missing in Lagos State.

The young Nigerian man in Lagos identified as Dele, who was declared missing on Tuesday, January 12, has been found dead.

The alumnus of UWC Changshu China, was last seen at Omole Phase 2 and his last location was the 3rd Mainland Bridge.

Just before he went missing, Mr. Bandele shared some posts on his IG page, detailing his struggle with depression. 

According to Editi Effiong, an Information technology expert and a colleague of the deceased, Dele’s body has been found.

He Wrote;

“Not the news we hoped for, but Dele’s body has been found. It appears he took his own life. I hope he finds peace. If you have some faith, please say a prayer for his family”

A suicide note purportedly written on social media by the late Dele has also surfaced on the internet. In the note he wrote on how he battled with depression for 7 years and how it was time for him to leave to seek eternal peace.




  1. Until the world understands that only Jesus feels the void in the heart that no material thing can fill. The heart of even the greatest secularist cries for the warmth embrace of a savior and it is only in Christ that your soul can truly find peace.
    RIP Dele Bandele

  2. Truly its only Jesus that can fill the void of the soul. In him, we can face tomorrow. A LIFE WITHOUT CHRIST, IS FULL OF CRISIS, it is said. It doesn’t mean the Christian is problem free but THE HOPE CHRIST GIVES, EQUIPS HIM/HER THROUGH THE STORM.



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