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Why young ladies now go into polygamous marriages – Keline Stewart, Beauty Queen

Most Beautiful Girl in Niger Delta, Keline Stewart has accused young Nigerian ladies of being in pursuit of fame and fortune by going into polygamous marriages.

The Opobo, Rivers State born beauty Queen says she frowns at polygamy and promiscuous men, adding that she will never forgive a cheating partner.

“I can’t forgive or take back a cheating lover. I don’t truly understand why a woman should accept to be a second wife,third or fourth. Naturally women like attention and affection. We love to be the only one; so except you were the only one, then he got took a second wife, that’s understandable. He cheated and remarried maybe because of your kids you stayed you decided to stay. But for intentionally jumping into a polygamous family as a second wife or other numbers, you must be in pursuit for money or fame.”

Ms Stewart whose pet projects center around kids with mental retardation and Autism also listed her expectations from any potential suitor.

“I expect my man to be God fearing, industrious, a listener, kind, respectful, loyal, patient, understanding, makes me a priority, open and honest, has a learners mindset and keeps to his words promises. I can’t marry any poor man, but I can marry someone who has a job or has a business with prospective, ambitions and visions. We can grow our legacy together; he must have something to offer as I do,” she stated.

Source: kemifilani.ng

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