Teresa Terry: Biography, all you need to know about Todd Chrisley’s first wife

Biography of Teresa Terry

Teresa Terry: Biography, all you need to know about Todd Chrisley’s first wife

Todd Chrisley rarely talks about his marriage to ex-wife Teresa Terry.

The Chrisley Knows Best star married his high school sweetheart when they were very young and they share two kids, Lindsie and Kyle.

As she was born in 1971, Todd Chrisley first wife Teresa is 49 years old as of 2020.

Teresa Terry Chrisley (as she was known) met Todd while they were still high school students in Westminster, South Carolina.

Todd’s family home was a social hub where friends would hang out after school and at weekends. Chrisley’s mother, Faye, cooked for them all.

Teresa became pregnant with Todd’s first child, Lindsie, at the age of 19. Chrisley, then 21, was not thrilled but he did what both thought the right thing and proposed.
According to Teresa’s description, they got married because they both thought it was the right thing to do.

15 months after giving birth to Lindsie, the young couple welcomed their son, Kyle.

During their seven years together, Teresa claimed they separated multiple times. As reported by The Daily Mail, there were times when Todd would scream uncontrollably at her for no apparent reason — only to change tact and give her the silent treatment for days and days.

As Teresa revealed, Todd would inundate her with instructions on how to present herself, how to behave, and how to raise children.

The emotional manipulation reportedly gave way to physical abuse. Pushed over the edge, she filed a domestic violence complaint and moved out of the marital home, this time for good.

In that case, Terry alleged that in December 1992, ‘while intoxicated,’ Todd Chrisley destroyed her personal property ‘and battered his mother’ and Teresa.

When Teresa finally left the marital home, she took Kyle, then three years old, and intended to collect five-year-old Lindsie who was with Chrisley’s parents at the time.

Todd and Teressa spent years battling over child custody — which Teresa says left her unable to maintain a meaningful relationship with Lindsie. The divorce was not finalized until 1996, with each side fighting for full custody of the children and after much to and fro, Teresa dropped the domestic violence case.

In his testimony, Chrisley – who was accused of deliberately evading court officers who attempted to serve him – denied every allegation and maintained that he had never been physically violent to his wife or mother.

Chrisley and Teresa were finally granted joint physical and legal custody. Teresa moved into a gated community in Atlanta with her new partner and children. But, she said, Chrisley hired a private detective to track her down.

According to Teresa, she was at home one night when she noticed a red laser trained on the house and saw Chrisley standing in front of the property. The incident is also documented in court papers seen by MailOnline.

As of now, Teresa and her current spouse reside in rural Oklahoma along with their children.

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