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Biography of Jordan Belfort’s ex wife, Nadine Caridi; Family, Career, Net Worth

Biography of Jordan Belfort’s ex wife, Nadine Caridi; Family, Career, Net Worth

American former stockbroker and author, Jordan Belfort’s ex wife, Nadine Caridi was born on the 24th of December 1967, in England.

As a young girl, Nadine grew up in Bay Ridge, in the town of Brooklyn on the south of New York City. She attended a public school known as John Dewey High School in Gravesend southern Brooklyn, New York City. After high school, she started developing her interest in the modelling and fashion industry.

The main reason behind her modelling was her amazing body and unique sense of style. Nadine possessed deep blue eyes, and long blonde hair, her career in modelling was set to bloom. As a beauty with brains, she currently holds a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology.

Further information concerning her family and history including siblings has not yet been known. The fashionista chose to keep her family private by strictly talking about her career, business and business on her YouTube videos.

Jordan Belfort met Nadine at a party organized by her ex-boyfriend Alan Wilzig. Mr. Wilzig who is a famous American philanthropist and successful businessman. The two got along and they started a relationship while the actor was still married to his ex wife, Denise Lombardo.

The duo was not afraid to share their love through their lavish parties and social platforms. Jordan was so in love with Nadine that he decided to divorce her first wife, Denise Lombardo. Just after successfully achieving a formal divorce through the court, Caridi and Jordan decided to make their relationship official by tying the knot. Their extravagant wedding took place in 1991 in the Caribbean. This made her change her surname to Nadine Belfort.

The couples who lived a lavish lifestyle was blessed with two beautiful children, a male and a female namely; Carter Belfort and Chandler Belfort. Their children are grownups with Chandler Belfort possessing a degree from New York University and is in a relationship with Connor Winter. Their boy, Carter James, is currently a student at Muhlenberg College and resides in LA, California.

Marriage life forced Nadine to become a full-time guardian. On the other hand, she continued with her socialite life across the media. The actress was on the cast of the famous blockbuster movie “Wolf of Wall Street” that was based on the rise and fall of her husband, Jordan Belfort. She was given a significant role as the wife of Jordan in the movie. Her skilled acting skills enabled her to act with top Hollywood celebrity actors. A good example is Leonardo DiCaprio who acted as “Jordan” in the movie.

At a time, her husband, Jordan purchased a very expensive famous yacht rebranded and officially changed the name from Coco Chanel (Gabrielle Bonheur), who was a renowned French fashion designer (brand Chanel) to being named Nadine (Naomi Belfort in the Wolf of Wall Street movie).

All these did not stop the 14 year old from crashing and the couples went their separate ways. It all started when Nadine’s husband got involved in multiple controversial cases with the law. These included active involvement in fraud businesses. Her husband was also engaged in dishonest relationships with other women. He was so deep into the dirty business forcing Nadine to take him to the rehab. In 2005, their marriage came to an end.

Just after the divorce, Nadine did not lose hope in marriage. She decided to get married to another prominent person and one of the greatest business tycoon , the former CEO of Wizard World, John Macaluso. The couples had a son named Carter. Before marrying Nadine, John Macaluso had three kids from his first wife. These kids are namely Frankie Macaluso, Nicky Macaluso, and Allie Macaluso. Currently, the couple still lives together happily without any negative publicity or rumours. However, Nadine Caridi net worth has not yet officially been disclosed.

Presently, Nadine Macaluso is a professional psychotherapist in Hermosa Beach, California. She has been actively involved since 2008 helping individuals achieve their full potential. Apart from that, she is involved in enabling individuals to overcome cases of suffering in their lives. People can access her therapeutic services through her website which provides a platform for booking appointment. She is a credited marriage and family therapist. In the year 2015, Nadine earned a degree in psychotherapy in Pacifica Graduate Institute where she graduated with a Ph.D.

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