US Election: Trump campaign ends legal effort to challenge Biden’s win in Michigan

Biden and Trump

Donald Trump‘s Lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, announcing the president’s lawsuit withdrawal, said the campaign was ending the suit because it achieved its objective of preventing the certification of Biden’s victory in Detroit’s Wayne County.

A four-member board comprising Republicans  and Democrats actually certified the results in
the overwhelmingly Democratic city of Detroit after two Republicans at first objected certifying it.

According to reports, the Republicans later claimed they want to “rescind” their certification after reportedly receiving personal phone calls from Trump to convince them to change their stands.

The states electoral board later announced on Wednesday it will go ahead with certifying the vote count, which Biden won by more than 100,000 votes.

Now on Thursday after ending the lawsuit aimed at preventing the result certification, Guiliani claims they achieved their aim of stopping the certification. 

 Whether Giuliani was trying to spread misinformation about the certification or was misinformed is yet to be known.

In a press conference organized by Guiliani on Thursday November 19, the lawyer claimed that Trump vowed he would blow Biden’s victory in the Nov. 3 vote.

Trump’s campaign has so far lost or withdrawn more than two dozen legal actions aimed at stopping Joe Biden from taking the White House.

According to media projections, Biden got 306 votes in the all-important Electoral College and is leading Trump by over 5 million popular votes .


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