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The reason late Ginimbi let his father suffer in poverty while he had millions

Ginimbi, the socialite from Zimbabwe who was buried over the weekend, lived his life to the fullest.

Ginimbi had a collection of luxury automobiles and he lived in a luxury home.

There are several questions raised about Ginimbi’s biological father’s lifestyle. According to accounts, he resided in a really small house and barely survived. The father and son were not in a very good relationship from what we gained from the Zim Media houses.

So the query is why would Ginimbi stay in a luxurious mansion and live a costly lifestyle without looking back at his father?

Their mom took care of them, according to Ginimbi, after their father left them. Due to the absence of a parent, at the age of 17, he took the hustle upon himself. Until his mother died, he was able to provide for the family. Sources do have it that his dad never attended the burial of his mother.

His father said that for once, Ginimbi never visited him, but he always learned that he supported the street and people would say that his son is currently wealthy and highly admired.

Without his dad, poverty at a tender age forced him to hustle the tender age. He did it on his own and his dad had no share in his money. This explains why Ginimbi never spoke of his poor father, who, while a child, abandoned him.

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