See how a mother brutalized her own daughter for talking to boy

Girl beaten by mother

Heartbreaking photos of a school girl showing the damage her own mother did to her body for speaking to a boy has surfaced online.

Instagram user, @shammah_yinse shared a video which shows cane marks on the said school girl.

According to her, the girl who is obviously in high school was brutalised by her mother because she saw her talking to a boy. 

This happened in Ibadan, Oyo state.

Sharing the video of the girl which has since been taken down, she wrote;


A girl just came to a school I work now with all these bruises….this is Child Abuse!

Apparently , her mum saw her with a guy and decided beating her like an animal is the best way to correct her. Mother indeed! Egbami! Lai s’eranko! Don’t view and pass abeg…. Please repost and tag all the Child Rights organization before this woman will decide to kill her. Thank you!

if you know anyone that can help, please let me know so I can send the girl and school info.”

The lady who shared the video added that an organization has stepped in and asked her to take down the video in order to protect the girl.


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