Ramsey Nouah did a fine job with ‘Rattle Snake’

Ramsey Nouah’s newly released Rattle Snake movie, a rendition of the 1995 Nollywood classic, Rattlesnake, is now showing in the cinemas and we bring you a review of it!

‘Rattlesnake, The Ahanna Story’ follows Ahanna Okolo, a young man who decides to steal the life he always wanted. He assembles a group of men with various skills, carrying out a series of spectacular heists. But when their biggest heist takes an unexpectedly deadly turn, the gang suddenly find themselves with bitter enemies on both sides of the law.

Directed by Nollywood veteran Ramsey Nouah, the film boasts a talented cast of up-and coming-actors and more accomplished stars. Stan Nze plays the titular role of Ahanna, with performances from Osas Ighodaro, Bucci Franklin, Efa Iwara, Elma Mbadiwa and Tobi Bakre.

“It’s a remake, not a sequel. I wanted to retell Amaka Igwe’s story in this new generation, so that the story as she originally made it, will still linger on,” Nouah told Arise News earlier and truly he kept to his word!

Though it costs an arm & two legs, ‘RattleSnake: Ahanna Story’ proves itself worthy as true premium. Scintillating, fluid & awesomely balanced; everything in ‘RattleSnake’ is just pam pam pam, pam pam – Super Sweet!

Acting is freakishly perfect. What Director Ramsey Nouah did to the ranges of Stan Nze & Bucci Franklin as actors is indescribably magnificent – Hall of Fame material. And even beyond those two; as far as performances go: A+ all round. Even the extras.

Then to wrap it all up is Superb Storytelling & a Superb Story that is brave enough to be sufficiently independent of its predecessors, yet consistently deploy such lofty quality that the Legendary RattleSnakes from 1995 would truly be proud of. Bravo!

To The Producers: Nice job on borrowing a note from Marvel & moving to tie up your “properties”. Done with class & subtilty – You have our compliments. Hats off to you.

Source: Cinema Pointer

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