How Gowon stole ‘Half Of The Central Bank ‘- UK Parliament Member reveals


UK Parliament member, Tom Tugendhat has revealed that General Gowon, during his time, stole over ‘half’ of Nigeria’s central bank.

Tom Tugendhat made this known during a debate yesterday, at the UK Parliament while they discussed the shootings of unarmed #EndSars protesters as well as the excesses of the Nigerian government official.

In the session, a shocking revelation how Nigerian Hero, civil war veteran and former Head of state stole so much money – it could be equated as “Half the central bank of Nigeria’, – during his reign as leader of the nation and hid it in London.
Mr. Tugendhat said UK “banks, sadly, have been used” to hide proceeds of ill-gotten loot of Nigerian politicians, saying it was time to begin targeted sanctions.

Watch video below;



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