Why I was a celibate for 3 years – Actress Destiny Amaka


Actress cum On Air Personality, Destiny Amaka has revealed that she sees nothing wrong in life without enjoying sexual intimacy.

In a recent interview with The Sun, the Anambra State born diva expressed her views on the importance of love, marriage and money in a woman’s life.

Hear her: “Money is a defence. Let’s not pretend to ourselves. It’s hard to love when there’s no money and love doesn’t pay the bills. I can never pretend to love you for your money but I’ll likely be more interested in how to make money then how to fall in love. Love later and sex isn’t going anywhere, you go chop that one anytime let’s get that money and fall in love in the process then have good sex. “

When I was much younger, I was celibate for 3 years. Got to Nigeria I did 18 months. I enjoy sex better when I’m in a committed long relationship so staying without is not really difficult.”

Destiny Amaka recently kick started a new program on air for sex lovers tagged Insomnia.

Speaking on the reasons behind her X-rated on air program, Destiny Amaka explains further, “With Insomnia I hope to create a safe space where African men and women can openly discuss a variety of sexual issues with the intention of learning and hopefully boosting and enlightening one’s sexual confidence. “

“Since Africans shy away from such topics many are not understanding or getting the full benefits of sex because of social stigmas such as masturbation and communication within couples. “

She added “With Insomnia I hope to normalise sex and empower young Africans with realistic knowledge and expectations on sex. Healing broken marriages, strengthening relationships and empowering single people.”


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