See man whose viral video sparked #EndSARS protest


Prince Nicholas Makolomi who shot and upload the viral video that rattled up social media, which then morphed into #EndSARS movement has said in an exclusive interview, it merely felt he owed it a duty to alert the authorities and Nigerians to the illegal activities of some policemen.

Moments after the video hit social media, it generated interest especially among activists opposed to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad infamously know as (SARS)

The video sparked outrage and tension across the country which eventually led to a mob attack on an off-duty SARS operative, Sergeant Ohwovwiogor Fidelis, at the Ughelli Central Garage axis with the mob him attempting to set him ablaze but for the intervention of a Good Samaritan.

Makolomi was consequently arrested by the police but not before he had told his story.

He had told News men: “After the boy (Joshua Ambrose) was arrested on that Saturday, he was kept at the passenger’s side of the car behind the front seat.

“While we were driving in our car behind the police vehicle, suddenly the boy jumped from the car and fell on the roadside after which we chased after the police car while making the video.”

The video gained widespread traction before exploding into #EndSARS protests.

The anti-police crusade has claimed lives in Lagos and Ogbomoso, Ebonyi, Enugu and Calabar. Properties owned by both the public and private sector were vandalized, destroyed, looted and burnt.


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