Outcry as Police arrest 11-year-old boy who participated in an attack on a police station


A human rights advocate, Kola Edokpayi has cried out after Edo State Police Command allegedly arrested an 11-year-old over his ”engagement” in the attack on a police station at Evbuotubu area of Benin City by thugs.

According to Human Rights Advocate, Kola Edokpayi, who revealed that the young boy was arrested for a joining a gang of hoodlums who attacked Oba Market police station.

Taking to his Facebook, Kola also stated that after the attack, the young lad wore one of the uniforms of the police sergeant and declared himself as the Inspector General of Police (IGP)

He further implicated himself by going about and bragging about his new status while most of his peers hailed and clapped for him. He was however arrested, paraded and will be arraigned in a juvenile court soon.


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