‘May God help us’ – Davido says as he angrily lists all the problems of Nigeria

Davido Fem
Davido Fem

Nigerian singer, Davido took to twitter to pray for Nigerians and also to list out all the problems of the country.

According to Davido, Nigeria has alot of problems asides from SARS. The 27 year old stated that the hike in Petrol, poor educational budget, poor yet expensive power supply, corrupt electoral commission, substandard health care, insecurity in the nation, zero accountability of public funds, customs, tax, and lastly immigration are the major problems of the country.


  1. Hike in PETROL Fuel pump price
  2. Our Education
  3. PHCN Bill
  4. INEC
  5. Health care
  6. Security
  7. Accountability
  8. Customs
  9. Tax
  10. Immigration… God help us matter many!!!!!!” Davido tweeted angrily.


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