Lekki Killings: ‘I’m scared’ – Destiny Amaka tells Kemi Filani

destiny Amaka

Actress and radio personality, Destiny Amaka has told Kemi Filani news in an interview that she is scared, sad and angry over the recent killings of young Nigerians protesting for a better live.

Via a phone conversation, Destiny Amaka expressed her position, “I am angry, sad, scared all at the same time. My heart hurts for our people, for our country for all the innocent lives lost, the senseless killings, their families and loved one. You can’t quantify the pain collectively. It’s sad. I hate injustice. I’ve always wondered why we don’t practice our right for peaceful protest. It irritated me to be here and see all the changes passed by law and increase in taxes and mobile tariff and inflations, lives being lost that could be prevented like trailers catching fire or young boys and girls being bullied harassed, robbed and killed by the police, so so much is wrong with the country yet on the outside we look okay, we’ve accepted oppression, poverty and bad governance as part of our DNA part of who we are, but unfortunately such pressure has finally resulted into what we have today! What I pray becomes a revolution. Revolutions don’t happen overnight. Such outburst and its impact did not start today this is generations of oppression.”

Speaking further the script interpreter and Cool FM Radio girl added, “What started off as social mobilization, a peaceful protest against police brutality quickly turned into a bloodbath by the government imposing a last minute curfew and killing innocent unarmed protestors. We started this protest with questions and now we have more! The government needs to start taking accountability.
How the state addresses the demands of its people for political reforms and economic welfare as well as how the state uses its coercive force responsibly would matter whether or not it faces revolution.”

On the way forward, she opinions, ” The way forward we need actions. People need to be prosecuted, held accountable for their actions. A new governing! A transparent one! A fair one! Where it don’t matter who your papa be!”

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