#ENDSARS: ‘Someone hired policemen to shoot my father’ – MusicbySire spills


    Talented Nigerian singer, Olorunsogo Michael Oni a.k.a MusicbySire says he has experienced police brutality. 

    As the #ENDSARS protests gains momentum in Nigeria, more young Nigerians are lending their voices to the cause.

    The America based gospel artiste noted that he has experienced police brutality since he was a child.

    “I have experienced police brutality and harassment since I was a kid, riding with my parents in the car and them having to pay the police before they let us go .There was a time someone hired police officers to shoot my dad, not armed robbers or assassins, policemen,” he said.

    He added: “Growing up and using an iPhone, I have been stopped over four times with questions like’ is your father Otedola that you are using an iPhone 6?’ Because I ply that road often, they got familiar with me and just hail me when I am passing by. This was after I had expressed my right and was slapped by the officer who unlawfully tried to arrest me for not unlocking my phone”.

    MusicbySire who is set to release his debut album averred that Nigeria is hundred years behind America. He added that this breaks his heart. “I cannot compare Nigeria to America. Sometimes I feel like Nigeria is 100 years behind civilization, it breaks my heart. How it is convenient for our leaders to come to countries like America and cannot imitate their standards of governance and economy to make our country better”.

    Speaking further, the eclectic singer said he desires to learn as much as he can in order to take up leadership role.

    “My future goals involve learning as much as I can until I eventually take on a leadership role. I prefer to work with others, and I believe that I can thrive as a leader if given the chance. I would love the opportunity to manage a team and shape them into successful workers.”

    Explaining his reason for migrating to the United States, he said: “We have lots of talented youths out there, but bad governance in the country is jeopardising their future. Creative people with the brains are sidelines because of tribalism, nepotism and favouritism while people who are not competent are put in position. Sadly, this has gotten to the grassroots.” 


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