“Don’t dare vote for Williams Uchemba”, Rapper Adokiye warns Nigerians


According to the pop singer, Nigerians shouldn’t vote for him in any political position in the country.

According to her, he (Williams Uchemba) doesn’t have a soul!

Adokiye took to popular social media platform, Instagram to make the post. She wrote:

“I’m still saying and warning oh. Time reaches to vote for any Youth Representatives. Don’t you dare Vote Williams Uchemba and these likes.
If not Una go cry pass as Una Dey cry now.
These guys don’t have Souls. Forget al the staged nonsense they do on social Media. They have a target and if you Una do mumu make mistake. Y’all are gone.
Atleast I warned.”


  1. Hey you Adokeyi, What do you derive By spoiling an innocent Man’s names? You’re there saying Mr Uchemba does not have a soul, do you have a heart by spoiling some one’s name? What that Man has been doing to help different people from different tribes, you have not even do a quarter of it. Do you know what it takes for some to be running around to help the needy? Though, i haven’t meet with Mr. Uchemba before, i only watch his programs and of help he render to the needy. So, don’t say what you don’t know. ENEMY OF PROGRESS PACK WELL.

  2. Adokiye, why don’t you come out and say exactly what Mr Uchemba did wrong. I have never met Uchemba but I know that he helps a lot of people going through different challenges. He is a young man that should be emulated and encouraged by all well meaning people.


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