Bobrisky set to give parent of man who was killed during #EndSars protest in Illorin, #1million


Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky has announced his plans to give #1 million to parent of the man who was killed during #EndSars protest in Illorin.

According to Bobrisky, the death of the young man who was identified as Jimoh Isiaq is a painful one and he would like to compensate his parents in his own little way.

Announcing this on Instagram, the 28 year old wrote;

“It’s sad we lost Jimoh isiaq during end sars protests…. but he is gone there is nothing we can do to bring him back. If I have his family account no, or mobile no trust me I will silently send his family 1million without posting it here. But I don’t have any mean to send d money across to them. 1million can’t bring back his life but d truth is his family can’t loose their son and still remain broke ! Never !!!!! We love u Jimoh isiaq”


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