Blogger Stella Dimoko fights dirty with colleague, Ubi Franklin


Blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus has taken to social media to call out music executive turned Instagram blogger Ubi Franklin.

This is not the first time Stella would be fighting dirty with the Cross Rivers born blogger.

Calling the accusations she labelled on him a “brief”, Stella wrote:

“Ubi Franklin told people that I blackmail people for adverts. Please Someone should forward him this post and. Ask him to publish proof of blackmail or shut his dirty mouth forever.
Maybe I should start making calls too to everyone he called friend and tarnished their images. People he did bad stories on with his fake Instagram blogs and handles? Someone needs to shut him up for real. He has caused more harm and damage than Instagram bloggers all rolled into one.
When men are broke they look for jobs and not begin to eat the flesh of their friends. If you are a celeb and friends with Ubi please watch it. He is the proverbial rat that bites your hand while you sleep and fans the bite spot. I will be back with more rant while I think of how to handle his fabricated lies. .
This is not yet a call out. It is a subtle brief”

Ubi Franklin donates four months salary to help Cross Rivers battle COVID-19


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