Actress, Ireti Doyle has a message for people who constantly curse Nigeria as a country


Veteran Nollywood actress, Ireti Doyle took to Instagram to address the issue of Nigerians always cursing the Nigeria.

According to the 53 year, people need to stop curing the country Nigeria because a land that us consistently cursed will not yield a positive result and there is no way the land can prosper.

In her words;

“A land that is consistently cursed will not yield us…how do we expect to prosper? You are exactly who and what you say you are.
When you say a country is useless, remember, a country is not just a geographical location…it is the PEOPLE.

Unless your passport is of a different colour; that’s you and I. Faith, speaks of things that are not, as though they are… And though it feels like “60 going on 10” and our current existence is in direct contradiction, I say, NIGERIA …you are great, you are prosperous…it is well with you and all who reside within your boundaries.

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