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People you teach how to fish might kill you and your fish – Actor Jigan Babaoja

Actor Jigan Babaoja has spoken against the idea of teaching people how to fish.

Taking to Instagram, Jigan Babaoja said that doing such is just an avenue for people to know one’s source of income.

When one’s source of income has been revealed, the people taught to fish will kill it.

“Don’t let people use the idea of “teach me how to fish” to know your source of income. They are going to kill you and your fish. Open your head. Alaiye, go and fish your own fish”, he shared

alerted the public to beware of mechanics who use charms to make people part with their car at a price way cheaper than its worth.

Actor Jigan Babaoja alerts public, exposes how mechanics use charms on car owners

Taking to social media, Jigan Babaoja recalled how he sold an Acura car for 300k to a mechanic of his when the real worth of the car is 1.4 million.

Saddened by the memory, Jigan Babaoja laid curses on the mechanic in a post which reads:

“Letter to my mechanic that used jazz for me to sell my Acura to him that year in Ibadan. I remember you.

“Dont trust all these mechanics. Talking from experience. All the trouble I am to face ahead of my life, you don carry am o.

“Acura worth 1.450 sold it for 300k and you collect my car. The thing just dey pain me this might”.

'Movie directors have taught viewers how to commit suicide' - Actor, Jigan laments

He actor recently survived a car crash alongside dancer Kaffy.

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