Only God could have done this! I almost missed my UNILAG exams…


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The Lord Jesus really helped me.

My testimony may look ordinary to anyone who had never experienced what I want to say. But if you were in my shoes, you would understand fully why I need to praise God even publicly.

That is the reason of my sharing this testimony.I had applied for a post graduate degree at the University of Lagos.I had my first degree in some other University. And if you know how ‘ easy ‘ it is to gain admission into any Public University in Nigeria, you would understand my story fully.

The examination for my course was fixed for 9am.

I was then living at Sango Ota, a town that is not far from Lagos. In fact, it is the border town between Lagos and Ogun states. I left Sango at 6am that day, only to be faced with a terrible heavy traffic.

It was as if he’ll was let loose to unmake the day for me.

The vehicle I boarded was another issue. It was just there dragging on its speed.The driver of the vehicle was changing routes to avoid the grilllock. Yet the more he tried, the farther we were into a place of nowhere.I did not know what to do. It looked  as if I was not meant for the examination.

A part of me was telling me to go back home so as not to waste time and energy on the trip.I called my friends with whom I was to write the exam, their phones were switched off’.

This intensified my fear and seemed to confirm my need to go back home. I thought,as that time , after 9 am, they were already writing the paper.Two  contending issues  were going on in my mind – to go on, ( No assurance ); To go back ( loud and clear )

However, I did not know what kept me going.Later, I realised, it was only God.

When there seems to be no way and you rest on Him,  you may not understand how things will turn out to be, HE will come forth for you.

A small voice inside me was saying, ‘ No matter what, keep going. Get there first. You have paid the fare already and you will pay the return fare back home whether you get there or not.’By the time I got to the gate of Unilag,  I saw many candidates were running into different directions for their halls for the written examination.

I followed suit, running to find my hall too. I got into the exam hall some minutes after 10am as the question papers were being shared out.I later learnt it was unlike the system of the University to start behind schedule,  but the Lord intervened for me that year.

Today, I thank God for helping me to make the examination. HE helped me not to give up .It was not my own making, but the Lord’s.This is because the voice telling me to go back home that I was already late for it, was loud and pressing hard on me than the other soft voice.

For this strong voice, I was not to take my place as God had ordained it that I would be a post graduate student of the University of Lagos.This I thank God for that I went in there and came out my very best. 

Then,  Lagos life was a total different ball game to me. The Lord helped me to meander my way through.Now, I live in Lagos and proud to be part of the Unilag story.

The University is part of my story. A wholesome experience far from where I came from- beautiful and not so beautiful, but all exciting. All glory to God.


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