Meet the Instagram Big Boy that has duped numerous online vendors


Chinaecheren Ulu, a 30-year-old man, from Abia State, known for always scamming online vendors in Port Harcourt , Rivers State has met his waterloo.

Chinaecheren Ulu was arrested on Tuesday, Sept 1st, 2020, by the police.

According to reports, Chinaecheren Ulu had been in the business of ordering items from online vendors but would offer fake credit alert and run way with the goods.

A source had this to say about him:

“This man leaves Abia and comes all the way to PH to scam vendors . His modus operandi includes ordering for an item online  and ensure that it’s payment on delivery.

He’d give the vendor a fake address that the dispatch rider would deliver the goods to.

Then when he’s about to pay via his bank’s mobile app, he’d mention the receiver’s name for the delivery person to confirm , once they confirm it’s the account holder’s name, he’d show them a screenshot which says “successful” and pretend to be in a hurry to leave without waiting to confirm if the vendor had received the money.

That’s how the vendor will never receive an alert and all efforts to reach him would prove abortive cause he never gives the right address for his deliveries .

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As the saying goes , “One day for the thief, One day for the owner.” We’re so happy he was caught and he’s currently chilling at the State CID, Port Harcourt .We hope this would serve as a deterrent to others like him out there .”


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