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Covid-19: How Muyiwa Ademola’s wife, Iyabo Ojo saved my life – Lola Alao

About two weeks ago, popular actress, Lola Alao who is now based in Canada, opened up on how she battled for COVID-19 and narrowly escaped death.

According to her “there is a thin line between life and death. Covid-19 is just around your corner, stay safe, my people I am writing this because I got a second chance to live, I tested positive to it but I am fine now. To God be the glory”.

Lola Alao has now given an in-depth recount of the whole experience and the major role, actor Muiywa Ademola’s wife and Iyabo Ojo played in saving her life.

She told Dr Seye Kehinde thus:

First and foremost, I will like to glorify God Almighty for his kindness and giving me a second chance, I am indeed grateful.

Honestly, I was scared, I was just begging God to spare my life for the sake of my kids and my family that I am taking care of and give me last chance I was just begging God for forgiveness and spare my life because I am not better than people that didn’t survive it.

It was a terrible experience but I thank God for blessing me with a good family, who didn’t relent in their prayers, then Iyabo Ojo, she was there I don’t know how to thank her, if there is going to be another world, she will be my blood sister, she really tried for me then my friend Bisi Alimi, despite knowing my condition, she wanted to come in and take care of me but I didn’t let her she was always going round getting herbs and everything I need. God bless all of them, then my kids despite the fact that I was avoiding them, they didn’t leave me, we were all taking the treatments together, they kept saying mummy, we are all in this together.

Why did you say we are lucky in Nigeria with getting treatment for Covid-19?

Because, the herbs are almost everywhere in Nigeria, but it is difficult to get over here and once you get it, it is pretty expensive you need to go to some special store to get organic things.

Why did you decide to go home instead of staying in Isolation Centre?

I am an African woman and I already know much about the virus, for me, I feel the care I will get at home, I can’t get it at the hospital, no caregiver will go and get herbs for me to drink and inhale, I was even giving cold water to drink at the hospital and ordinarily, I am supposed to stay away from cold water, I am not saying they don’t treat people well there, Canada has one of the best healthcare facilities in the world but I wanted to treat myself with herbs.

So you treated yourself with both drugs and herbs?

No, what I took is herbs to treat myself, then I took talon, which is the same as panadol, then I took some little drugs for cold, but I focused mainly on herbs to treat myself for Covid-19 like I said earlier on, I took the herbs solution, inhaled it, inhaled the aboniki and hot water solution and I started sweating it out, and I didn’t relent, I kept doing it continuously and am still doing it.

What is your advice to people watching you concerning all these?

Do you know that people that are really educated don’t even believe there is Covid-19, some were like, how would have Covid-19? My advice to them is that they should be very careful it can happen to anybody, please and please take the necessary precaution people die from this virus on a daily basis please be careful. I decided to voice out so that people can be very careful. Covid-19 is real, I am a living witness and I have my two results with me, the one that proved that I had the virus and can’t go to work, and the one that cleared me and over here, they just leave you to your fate, they follow up, always checking up to know if you are getting better or worst. Someone said celebrities are having Covid-19 and not dying, yes because they quickly did the needful someone who is ignorant might just waste his or her life like that because you believe it is not real. Please if you feel funny go to the hospital and run the test, if it is positive, Isolate yourself and don’t infect others.

All through the crisis I stayed at home and didn’t see anybody, my friend Bisi stood by me and helped me with almost everything, then Muyiwa Ademola’s wife kept calling, when I was not picking, she came to the house but was not allowed in, God bless Muyiwa Ademola’s wife for me, despite everything she never stopped coming. God bless you my darling sister.

There is actually a thin line between life and death I kept begging God to spare my life for the sake of the children. It was indeed a terrible experience, I could not stand up and even do anything I had to teach my daughter how to give a sponge bath, she was the one always cleaning me up, I don’t pray for my enemies to go through that horrible experience, so please kindly help me preach it in Nigeria that Covid-19 is real, nobody is paying anybody to say they got infected. It is real.

How long were you really down?

Two weeks, but that 2 weeks was like 10 weeks for me, it was terrible the painful part is that most people don’t believe it is real, I reposted your post and my friend said Lola Covid-19 bawo, I just started laughing, please take precaution Covid-19 is a respecter of nobody, do your ginger, garlic and lemon paste and always drink, sanitise your hands and use your nose masks, someone might be infected and not be coughing, apart from feeling weak and running temperature, I didn’t have any symptoms relating to Covid-19.

Apple cider with vinegar is also very good this period, I remember sometimes when I had this severe cough, I added it inside hot water and drank it and I vomited and felt better, but I stopped using it because it is not good for people suffering from ulcer.

Honestly, there is actually nothing about this life, absolutely nothing, so please if you feel I have offended you in any way, please forgive me and I don’t have anything against anybody too. There is nothing about this life.

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