You want brown envelopes – El-Rufai attacks Southern Kaduna leaders


Governor Nasir El-rufai of Kaduna State has accused leaders of Southern Kaduna of expecting him to appease them with brown envelopes over the killings in their communities.

The governor made the allegation when he appeared on Channels Television’s Sunday Politic.

El-rufai said, “I have no time for nonsense. I will not appease criminals. I will not appease idle people who have nothing to do but to raise a spectre of genocide. They do that to get money into their bank accounts and get donations from abroad instead of standing up,” he said.

He revealed that demanding for brown envelopes has been a tactics employed by the leaders for years.

He said: “Anyone that is moderate anyone that is promoting peaceful co-existence between various ethnic groups is considered a sellout.

“And a governor like me, who does not appease them because they are used to being appeased, they cause troubles, they organise these killings and then, their leaders are invited by the governor, they wine and dine, and they are given brown envelopes. That’s what they have been doing for 20 years.”

The governor further said: “Most of these people have no means of livelihood; they were living off the governments.

“The governments before us were paying them money every month, they called it peace money. We stopped it. This is why they say I am taking sides. Whatever they say, I take it. I am the governor of the state. If they don’t abuse me, who will they abuse?”



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