Why Sex during courtship is sinful – Oyedepo


Wife of the presiding bishop of the Living Faith Church Worldwide aka Winners’ Chapel Faith Oyedepo has advised that unmarried persons must stay chaste and avoid anything that leads to sex.

“While in courtship, there is no room for sexual relationships or anything that leads to it. As long as you are not yet married, it is sinful for you to go into sex or do anything that leads to it,” she wrote on Instagram moments ago.

In another post, Oyedepo said she would from Friday begin teaching young persons how to prepare for marriage.

“There has been a lot of questions about when it’s the right time to get married and how to live a purpose driven life during your single years.

“I have penned down my many years of experience just so you can learn and grow through them.

“Tomorrow, the 21st of August I will be sharing with you various ways you can maximize your full potential during your single years,” she wrote.

Her husband David Oyedepo recently hit at his critics, saying they are wasting their time.


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