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What my husband did that made me leave my marriage – Dreamcatcher founder, Seyi Oluyole

Dreamcatcher founder, Seyi Oluyole, has revealed what transpired between her and husband which made her decide to leave her marriage.

Taking to Twitter, Seyi revealed that deciding to leave the marriage made her lose many of her property.

Choosing to leave meant – i had no access to my clothes or my property. He locked up the house because I ran away.
He hijacked my work website. Deleted my email! Stalked Me!
I was squatting with people.
Family was divided!
Pressure everywhere to go back was heavy!”
, she wrote.

Seyi, whose Dreamcatchers got the attention of singer Rihanna and John Boyega revealed last year that she was locked up by her husband.

“My husband tried to kill me on 8th of July 2019. Locked me up for the day and seized my phones. I am just starting to process this detail. And I am having serious anxiety.
I’m not okay. I’ve been dressing nicer. Fixed my nails. New Perfumes Smiling more. Hoping to deceive my senses to believe all is well. All isn’t.
I’m alive… It was hard for me to see the true picture of the abuse! Working through my healing! Hard ASF I Went through a lot of mental abuse and bully for daring to leave. Still going through it!
Sometimes I start to shiver in Involuntarily when I have anxiety attacks. It is no respecter of location or time.
I’ll tell my story. Today is just not the day!
Is there a forum somewhere where survivors meet and talk. I don’t want to talk to a therapist. I want a survivor”
, she shared.

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