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Weirdest thing a fan did to me – Actress Kiki Omeili

Medical Doctor turned actress, Nkiruka Omeili, widely known as Kiki Omeili, in a recent interview with Flair Magazine reveals the weirdest thing a fan has ever done to her.

She says, “I remember a day a fan walked up to me and started taking selfies with me without saying hi.”

On her most embarrassing childhood memory, the pretty actress, “I’m laughing as I remember. I was about five years old and I hadn’t yet learnt how to tell the time. Someone asked me what the time was and I just stood looking at the clock. I couldn’t have interpreted it but I put on a brave face and kept acting like I knew what I was doing.”

“I didn’t want to admit that I didn’t know. Eventually the person realised that I couldn’t figure it out and came to see the clock for themselves. That, to me, as a child, was quite embarrassing.”

When asked how has acting changed has her life, Kiki says, ‘lt has given me the opportunity to do and say things that I would ordinarily never say and do. The chance to be with different people. Acting has made me a lot more observant about people, and their behaviour.”

“Studying people; what makes them tick and how they react to things help my character interpretation. It has also made me a lot more sensitive and empathic towards people in certain situations because when you portray a character, you become that character. You feel their pains and their joys. It’s very humbling.”

Kiki Omeili studied Medicine at the University of Lagos, she also reveals what made her become an actor.

“The love for acting and performing made me become an actor. It was always evident that I loved performing and would constantly be involved in school plays and other social activities.”

“In medical school, I would frequently host school programmes. It was simply me following my passion.”

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