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Rapper Tispy Enupo critizes Nigerian landlords, insists death is better than being a single lady in Nigeria

Nigerian rapper, Tipsy has criticized some landlords in the way they treat single ladies doing well for themselves.

Tipsy took to the video and picture sharing app to aire her discontent over the demeaning treatment meted at unwed females living in Nigeria.
According to her, death is better than being female in Nigeria. She also went further to call the Nigerian people backwards.

She wrote;

”In Nigeria, it is hard for single ladies to rent a place because they are deemed irresponsible by some landlords. In Nigeria, single ladies will be tested for drugs before marriage. In Nigeria, when a single lady has a car, property and she’s getting it.. there are questions regarding her source of wealth. At this point.. death is better than being a single lady inNigeria. Bunch of backward people. Spits”

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