OAP Dotun reveals why couple who are both ‘AS’ and still got married should be sent to jail


Popular Nigerian media personality and Cool FM OAP, Do2dtun, has expressed his thoughts on parents who knowingly birth children struck with Sickle Cell Anemia (SS).

The celebrity presenter went ahead to also advocated that any couple who are caught intentionally birthing SS children and claim it is love should be sent to jail.

The father of two beautiful girls shared his views through his verified Twitter handle.

He wrote: “Let me just put this here. If you are both aware of your blood type. You know if you both marry it will bring a sickle cell child into this world and you still went on to marry, you both should go to jail. No child should be put through such pain. It is not love.. it is selfish”.

He continued, “Know your genotype. Discuss it on a 1st date & moving forward if it won’t cause any health complication,enjoy. if you both must, please never ever have children.
Why shld a child go through such pain that even the strongest analgesic can only last for 3 hours. Are you both mad?

“They should go to jail. It is the most stupid thing to do. The pain you put a child through is beyond comprehension. Love the unborn child before they are born. They are very selfish”


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