Netflix Movie Review: Cold Feet will give you reasons to fight for your love


Do you need cogent reasons to fight for the one you truly love? Then grab your device, logon to Netflix and see the movie Cold Feet.

Produced by Darlinton Anyiam-Osigwe and directed by Moses Inwang, the romantic drama which features Jim Iyke, Enyinna Nwigwe, Beverly Naya, Femi Adebayo, Joselyn Dumas, Segun Arinze is surely worth your 100 minutes.

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So, Cold Feet is about a couple who are celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary and decides to go to a resort (Ibom Resorts) for a getaway.

Coincidentally, the wife meets her old time flame and their desire for each other becomes irresistible. One thing led to another and the avoidable happened. A blast from the past.

The couple played by Jim Iyke (Col Mayowa Rtd.) and Joselyn Dumas (Omoye) were sweet to watch. They interpreted their roles to perfection. Although it was weird seeing Jim Iyke act the old school but loving husband, well, even at that, he still displayed his ‘bad guy’ side.

On their part, Tare played by “Enyinna Nwigwe” and his girlfriend Temi (Beverly Naya) gave us clue to what couples in regular relationships go through.

While Temi was genuinely loving Tare and expecting him to propose, he was busy lusting after someone else’s wife (Omoye).

It was so heartwarming watching how they were able to manage the crisis that was about to ruin their marriage and relationship respectively.

Not just the movie plot, Cold Feet has other nice things; the entire production, cinematography, the resort and locations chosen both in the city and Akwa Ibom. 

The locations portray the rich cultural aspect of Nigeria, the people and hospitality.

It was a simple movie but it will make you just smile at the end and you that at KFN, we love happy endings!



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