Lizzy Anjorin demands marriage certificates, DNA tests result to prove husband has other wives, children

Actress Lizzy Anjorin has requested for marriage certificates to prove that the husband she just got married to has other wives.

The actress also requested for DNA test results to prove that her husband has children with the other wives.

This she requested in a challenge she gave to a journalist who has been writing about her husband and the other women in his life.

Lizzy Anjorin wrote: “Mayor Akinpelu: You can go to hell with your fake reply

Mayor Akinpelu, you are still a failure from this earth back to hellfire where you belong.

What a shame for a shameless brainless Ankara paper brain who claimed to be AKINPELU.

You reduced the wives from 5 back to 3.

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You reduced the children from 8 to 7.

Are you not ashamed of yourself as a failed veteran journalist?

Are you not ashamed of all the inconsistencies in your reports?

You are a disgrace to the media and Journalism.
And when you goofed like this, is this what you should do?

The whole world will soon realise that you are just a quack Journalist and not a professional.

I need the world to ask you if these ‘wives’ are faceless?
Anyway, since you have become their official spokespersons, be prepared to continue to look stupid to the media world.

You and your clients are yet to bring any of the children forward for DNA or MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE.

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I don’t do empty threat. I will x-ray and scan you and give the result to the world.

Just warn the R&A hotel owner to stop calling me.

You misled the whole world with your lies and you want me not tell the same world about you ESCAPADES………irolopaa.

It takes a woman that has deadly secrets to stand as evil at the point of a man’s success.
Mayor, we urge all ur clients to bring their children fwd for DNA.
Thank you for ruining some people’s hope and thanks for relieving MR LAWAL of his life-threatening burden…

Apegg Adeneyo

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