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‘I’m Not Mad’ – LAUTECH student acting strange in Ado-Ekiti reacts

The female LAUTECH student who was earlier filmed acting strangely in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti state, after she jumped down from a bike, has spoken out after the video went viral.

The woman who acted really mysterious causing onlookers to say she ”ran mad” momentarily revealed that she is now OK.

Taking to her Instagram account, @tgold8489, she revealed, she didn’t run mad and told everyone that she’s “perfectly fine and sound in health”.

She didn’t reveal what had happened on Saturday, August 22, even though people were interested to know and kept asking her.

Her friends also disclosed that she’s now fine.

Those who commented advised her to stay away from ”drugs.” though she didn’t state if drugs are to blame for her action.

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