‘Fools with misplaced priorities’ – Nigerians reacts after a woman was paraded and disgraced for stealing food

Nigerians reacts
Woman caught stealing

Nigerians on social media have reacted to the news of a woman who was paraded and disgraced for stealing . According to reports, the Lady was paraded after she was caught stealing cassava in a farm in Abia state.

A man identified as Endurance Kalu took to Facebook to share pictures of the woman and that she stole. Kalu wrote “A vibrant married lady without disability was caught stealing cassava from someone farm who also struggle to cultivate the farm.She was made to carry the cassava on her head and was paraded round the village as she has to bear the heavy pain on her neck and shame of her act..Is the villagers right or wrong for such jungle justice??The incident happened at Nkwedi village, Ohafia local government, Abia state.”

See how Nigerians are reacting to this;

myselfvsbigo wrote “But y’all won’t parade Orji Uzor Kalu fools with misplaced priorities.”

bubuorugo wrote “But senators are stealing billions that made her hungry to steal for survival”

ochuwa.idia wrote “Why don’t u people parade the past and present presidents, governors, senators, ministers, local government chairmen etc that stole from Nigeria and y’all parading a poor woman, God will punish you all for doing this”

sixtus_the_godson wrote “And the same idiots were jumping and jubilating to welcome Orji uzor kalu … this life nor balance .”

martinspikin wrote “Foolish people.. yet ORJI KALU was paraded as a HERO”

braidsjunkie wrote “And we can’t parade the ones stealing our country’s money”

Source: kemifilani.ng


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