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Erica, Ozo, Nengi and others; Here are 6 BBNaija housemates that may likely make it to the finale

The Big Brother Naija reality TV show, lockdown edition kicked off on the 19th of July, 2020 and it has aired for four weeks.

20 contestants started the race, but four have been kicked off.

Housemates like; Erica, Kiddwaya, Nengi, Dorathy, Lucy, Vee, Tolanibaj, Wathoni, Prince, Ozo, Trikytee, Kaisha, Praise, Laycon and others are still in the race.

The twist this season (the contestants have to choose who would go home amongst the bottom four by voting privately in the diary room) has made it dicey and hard to pick who would win the show.

Compiled by Onyxx Godwin, Kemi FIlani News brings to you 6 contestants that will likely make it to the top 5 this season and probably even win the show.


Erica so far seem to have one of the biggest fan basses and have constantly been in the news because of her relationship with Kiddwaya and her quarrels with Lucy and Wathoni. She also has been in the news for the love triangle involving Laycon. As of now, Erica would be in the top 5 finale because she has never been on the Bottom 9. This week she is the head of house and picked Kiddwaya as her deputy. So far Erica has surpassed 300k followers on Instagram alone and people are very much in love with her relationship with Kiddwaya, they even have a couple’s name and hashtag KIDDRICA. Many people are insisting Kiddwaya would break her heart and many are saying they would become official after the house. Rapper and now actor Ikechukwu came out to call her a gold digger but apologized after Erica’s fans dragged him. Her fans are called Elite.


Nengi was the breakout star the very first day the show started, in 24 hours her followers increased by over 150k follows. She blew up because of her beauty and body, she also have been in the news for her love triangle with Ozo, Dorathy and her, and Ozo, Prince and her. She also got verified on Instagram and has never been in the bottom 9. She was also the first head of house this season and currently have the most followers on social media amongst all housemates.


We all mostly did not expect Kiddwaya to be one of the housemates to be in the news the most. One of this is because of his flirtatious ways and entanglement or is it relationship…? With Erica. This week Erica picked him as her deputy Head of House and this made alot of people happy and look forward to them doing intimate stuff. Kiddwaya has never been in the bottom nine and from the look of things, chances of him being amongst the top 5 finalists is high. Kiddwaya’s relationship with Erica is one of the major highlights so far this season and it has been getting them Alot of fans and shippers. Kiddwaya so far has over 300k followers on Instagram.


Laycon got mad popularity for apparently looking different from other housemates. Most people claimed he looked less posh or sophisticated or good looking as the other housemates. His feelings for Erica also increased his fanbase, he is the not so posh handsome guy going after the posh rich girl who is in some relationship or entanglement with a rich Handsome guy. This made alot of people start feeling some way towards him and his fanbase increased. Laycon has never been in the bottom nine. At the beginning of the show he was tagged intelligent and well spoken and many people hoped something would happen between him and Erica. This week Erica picked Kiddwaya over him for Deputy head of house. He also has over 300k followers on Instagram and he is even verified.


Ozo was the first contestant introduced at the live show and immediately got many girls swooning because of his good looks. His fanbase also grew for being in the news because of his feelings towards Nengi who has declined him several times. Ozo has never been in the bottom Nine and was once and Head of House and picked Dorathy as his deputy over Nengi and after was apologizing to Nengi. He even told Nengi he would get Married to her and he makes breakfast sometimes for her. This has gotten Ozo so many fans outside the house.


Former Mr Nigeria, model and Interior Decorator was an instant charmer and his fanbase increased rapidly. He has been in the news for his love triangle between him, Nengi and Ozo. He has never been in the bottom Nine and was once the deputy head of house under Lucy. Now he is in somewhat a relationship with TolaniBaj and the relationship has been trending online because of how dominant and strict TolaniBaj is with Prince and other girls in the house, especially Wathoni.

These are the 6 Contestants that would likely make it to the top 5 and win the grand prize of 85 million Naira combined gifts, if they eventually make it to the bottom four, they might be voted out by other housemates. For the winner Many people are pitching between Nengi and Erica to win the grand prize on the last day as they are the strongest contestants so far.

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