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Blasphemy: Shagari’s son tells Christians to stop doing this to Muslims

Bello Shagari, the son of former president Shehu Shagari has told Christians to stop interfering in Muslim affairs in Nigeria.

He stated this following outrage over the death sentence issued to a man in the north, Yahaya Sharif-Aminu, over a song described as blasphemy to Islamic beliefs.

Reacting to the issue, Bello Shagari said “Muslims should focus on their Islam, Christians should focus on their Christianity and disbelievers should focus on their disbelief. Everyone should practice what they believe. No belief should bother another in any way and anyone who does so has intruded. Fact! Peace.”

On the outrage it generated, Shagari said: “The trouble we have is that there are Muslims who just hate Christians & Christians who just hate Muslims and therefore cannot respect one another. Beside them, is an atheist who thinks that they are all foolish.

“The above categories of people are the problem. Live and let live.”

He, however, admitted that the shariah law needs a reform.

“The whole debate about Sharia is uncalled for. Most of us debating aren’t even knowledgeable enough to discuss these topics. But the problem is that a critic can criticize even what he does not know which gives room for a response even from who does not also know enough.

“The only injustice I see in Sharia in Nigeria is its application. It is only applicable to the criminal downtrodden or the less privileged, except of course if it is not in punishment,” he added.

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